Best Leadership Practices for 2023: Be authentic, discover your “why” and set clear goals

Be authentic, discover your “why” and set clear goals

Article reprinted from: Automotive Recycling, published by the Automotive Recyclers Association

Most business owners would agree that excellent leadership is critical to operating a successful company. “It’s a balance of various aspects that can help a company become a dynamic force when done correctly or destroy a lifetime of work if done poorly,” said Jay Perry, the founder and owner of Ally Business Coaching and Automotive Business Consultants.

Perry also co-authored the Quilly award-winning book Success Manifesto with Brian Tracy. The book focuses on what is necessary to succeed in life and highlights eight leadership aspects to help propel leaders and their employees to the top of the game.

Perry and his wife, Kim, are certified business coaches based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and offer leadership development courses throughout North America and inter- nationally. Their coaching practice focuses on goals to assist businesses in improving profit- ability through developing their team into leaders.

“We are very boutique-like in our business model,” said Perry. “I chose that model deliberately because I wanted to be able to positively affect a client and achieve measurable results that the client can turn to and say, “Yes, they helped do this.”

Perry is passionate about leadership development and recently shared advice about leading teams as well as how to address challenges pertaining to multi-generation staff.

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